Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Adventure #1

I've got a touch of the adoption blues since we have yet to hear anything from Haiti that is positive or negative really.  The only thing I've gotten recently was news of two of my other favorite Haiti mama's moving forward in their processes (Praise God!!!!) and a new picture of my sweet little miss.  As much as I l.o.v.e. getting new pics of Nora, her expression in this one just hit my "oh how I just want to give you a home" button a little too much.
In order to try to avoid longing and depressing myself with simply sitting by a computer waiting for an email that never seems to come AND cherish my current children at home, I've decided to bust out of this joint a little more this summer with my kiddos in tow.  I am determined to make this a summer of...ADVENTURE!

One morning a week I have decided to take Lily, Toby, and Quinn on a "Summer Adventure" where we will simply go exploring our outdoor area around us.  I'm foreseeing the chances to go to some parks, trails, playgrounds, etc. that we have not been to before.  They are places I have been wanting to take them or have been recommended by other friends to take them, but just haven't had the chance to do it yet.  All that is going to change this summer...
This week we ventured out on our first morning to Linton's Enchanted Gardens.  It was a gorgeous morning, the kids had a blast, and I came home with 9 new plants/trees/shrubs.  Micah quickly asked that I not take the kids on any more "adventures" that involve the chance for me to shop! : )
Lintons truly was a magical gem to find in our area...I love a good, free (besides my impulse shopping), outdoor experience!

The variety of plants was plentiful (this is maybe a quarter of the fully encompassing area of plants)...
The little houses, windmills, lighthouses, and mine openings throughout the grounds were appealing to my kiddos...
The petting zoo animals were a hit (especially Lily's beloved peacock)...
 And the Koi fish in the big pond were so whimsical to watch devour the fish food...
We scoured the grounds with our magnifying glasses with excitement around every was a blessing to watch our three kiddos have so much fun getting out in the fresh air and taking in something new.
At the end of every night while Micah and I are putting the kids to bed, we go around and each say what we are thankful for that day.  The night after our first summer adventure included thankfulness of feeding the fish, feeding the horse, hearing the peacock, and seeing the flowers.  I, too, spoke words of thankfulness for our adventure and for such a unique and exquisite plant I found.  When I saw it, I knew if it wasn't too insanely expensive, it would be going home in my van...thankfully it wasn't!  Micah graciously planted it in our back yard right under our kitchen window so I can see it even when I'm inside.  I'm not sure what it is about this plant, but I fell in love with it and wanted to be able to look at it every day.  Weird as it may be, we name our plants around this place (fun for the whole family), so let me introduce you to Maleah, which means "Unique Little Girl/Beautiful Young Woman".  As I look out my window and see its unique beauty every day, I think of Nora still in Haiti just waiting for me to bring her home and "plant" her into our home too.  She, too, is a unique little girl and will be a beautiful young woman.  This beautiful plant will hopefully help me in my adoption blues just as our summer adventures will too.

P.S.  If you are curious about the other names of our plant "family" around this home, I'll list them here for your enjoyment.  We allow our children to help name them so I think you will find a few of them fun and interesting...I'll let you try to guess who named which ones! : )

Lilac Bush: Lucy
Forsynthia at back: Cindy
Paper Birch: Percival
London Plaintree: Rose Rainbow
Blue Spruce: Betty
Yucca: Maleah
Willow Bush: Wally
Forsynthia on side: Lacy
Wine & Roses on side: Selah
St. Johnswort: Hannah
Peoney: Glenda Mae
Maple: Oswald
Redbud: Ruby
Wine & Roses in front: Knifer
Azaelas on the side: Jelly & Jolly
Hydrendria by garage: Henry

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  1. This is a great idea, Angie! Keep very busy with having fun with your kids right where you are at right now. Build lots of memories and maybe complete a summer "bucket list"? Now that we are close, I am feeling the urgency more than ever to spend lots of one and one time with my at home kids. I want them to go into this transition with their love tanks as full as I can make them (and allow God to do the rest). I LOVE the plant you bought! I would have snatched it up too!