Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Purple Friday!

If you would know our niece, Maddie,
you would know she loves the color PURPLE!

Maddie's elementary school is celebrating and supporting Maddie this Friday by wearing purple!  How cool is that!  I think it would be wonderful to have that support spread beyond her school walls.  I plan on wearing purple on Friday...won't you join me?!?

What would be even better is to have everyone take pictures of themselves in their purple on Friday so I can send them all up to her!  Having that visual of many, many supporters all in her favorite color would be invaluable as she approaches transplant at the end of the month.

So, your assignment is to wear purple on Friday, take a photo of yourself sporting your support, and then send it to my email: or post them on my facebook page "Angie Thieszen"

Thanks everyone!
A Very Happy PURPLE Friday it will be!!!

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