Saturday, May 12, 2012

A few updates...on Nora, Maddie, and Life in General

Update on Nora...a photo.  I really, really, really like this one.  No, it's not showing off her completely contagious smile, but I do love the chair she is sitting in!  I have pictures of all my children sitting in an old child's rocking chair that was passed down to us from my grandparents, which they used as children themselves.  It shows years and years of love and use--so many wonderful memories it could speak of (I vividly remember sitting it in as a child at my Grandparent's house).  What a blessing to receive this new picture of Nora sitting in a different chair for now, but one that has undoubtedly also seen a fair share of little loves sitting on it over the years.  Oh how I would love to listen to the stories that chair could tell.  I'm blessed my little one could be a part of its history.

Update on our niece, Maddie...she was due to begin the more intense chemo and radiation this next Monday to prepare her body for transplant, but she has come down with the common cold so the start of transplant is now being delayed once again until May 29th.  Please pray for this infection to get out of her system and for all of their emotions as they ride the ups and downs, stops and starts, of this ride.  Overall, she has been weathering the storm of cancer so incredibly well this time around.  A testimony to the God who loves her and cares for her...and us all.  Continue to pray, continue to believe, continue to follow their story at:  Here is a recent picture of her and Sydney enjoying some sweet snuggle time before Maddie will be in isolation after transplant.

Update on life in general...we, unfortunately lost a family member this past week.  Bert was my dad's cousin and he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in January.  He passed away at the age of 61.  Life is too short sometimes...and too hard.  Pray for his wife and three sons as they grieve this loss.  Their middle son is getting married soon and they were hoping Bert would have been able to make it to the wedding.  I'm sure it will be a hard mix of emotions for them on that day.  In other news, we are in the throws of potty-training Quinn right now...oufta!  He's our little rebellious, adventurous, care-free child, so getting him to do something we want him to do when we want him to do it has been interesting.  That kid can come up with some very interesting reasons as to why he doesn't really NEED to go potty right then.  We are also looking forward to Lily finishing up her school year, celebrating her 6th birthday, and celebrating a dear friend's graduation back in Ohio (hard to believe I used to change that girl's diapers!)  All wonderful things to celebrate!

My heart finds itself "torn" this Mother's Day...present here with my kids and hubby and wanting to also be in Haiti with my Little Miss there.  Praying and praying we'll all be able to celebrate under one roof next year!  I also find myself reflecting back on last year's Mother's Day when I talked at my church.  It was a great day for me and I still find myself excited and celebrating what God has done in my life and has continued to do...what an amazing ride!  If you are interested in listening to my sharing time from last year, you can find it here.  It is a recording of the whole church service so you may want to forward it to the middle when Jay Shetler begins his sermon.  I share in the middle of that sermon.

Those are our updates from the Thieszen blessed this weekend, friends, and Happy Mother's Day to all you Mama's out there!

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