Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 322

Day 322.

Yep, we are 322 days into our agreement with the Lord to adopt.

What's the significance of day 322?  Well, it marks the 100'th day of being in IBESR/Haitian Social Services.  100 days of officially being "in the system" on the Haitian end of this adoption.

222 days were spent at the beginning gathering paperwork, getting everything notarized, authenticated, legalized, translated & sent to Haiti, waiting for a little girl to arrive at the orphanage, meeting Nora for the first time, waiting for her paperwork to be ready to join ours, and then finally having it turned over into the hands of IBESR.  222 days of work and wait and work and wait.  Now, we've added 100 more days of "wait" to that number. 

What have you spent 100 days waiting for?  And I don't mean haphazardly waiting for, but eagerly and intently waiting for?  I am waiting for an email.  An email that says we have passed through IBESR and into dispensation (more waiting for the President's signature, but it is still a huge step).  An email that says your days in IBESR are over and now you can begin counting the days involved in the next step of the process.  I wake up in the morning and hope to find an email from the orphanage director giving us great news.  I check it periodically all day long waiting for that same email.  I check it before I get in bed at night hoping maybe, just maybe, she would have sent something before she got in her own bed.  So far, I am still waiting...and counting...days, yes, but also counting my blessings too, I suppose.  Blessings of a God who has walked each and every one of those 322 days with me.  He has been faithful in giving me hope, encouragement, and a new set of eyes to the spiritual world.  A world that needs people who desire to see God's Will happen NOW instead of whenever...a world where we spend each of those days sending up prayers for His Will to be fulfilled on earth as it is in Heaven that day.  Each of these 322 days have also been a blessing because each one is one day closer to the day our Nora arrives on American soil and in our home.

As I have said in the past, Lily has also been counting these 322 days. She is counting days until her little sister comes home not so much by numbers, but instead, by something more visual.  She is using paper chain links that surround the top of her bedroom.  We are getting very close to the starting point of our has always been my hope we would be back in Haiti for our second trip before we started overlapping the loops, but it's not looking too hopeful.  My new desire will have to be getting out of IBESR before those chain links overlap...I believe God would want nothing less.  Here is a short video of Lily's links to give you a visual of these 322 days.

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