Thursday, November 10, 2011


Yes, it is an amazingly beautiful day in our household. WE FOUND HER!!!! We were contacted by the orphanage this morning asking us if we would like to be matched to this sweet brown face...who on earth could say no. Our Nora has been found. She is priceless. Look at those huge brown eyes and chubby cheeks. Absolutely beautiful.

A little more details for you...her Haitian name is Josephine so we will be naming her Nora Josephine Thieszen. If you don't know by now, we are big on the meaning of names around this house, so we were struck by the Lord's faithfulness when we learned what Josephine's meaning was...are you ready for this..."Jehovah increases". Oh how true that is for us--we have believed from day one that this adoption was God's brilliant idea and we are blessed over and over again that He is the One increasing our family with this sweet, beautiful girl. Thank you God for your plan!

Her birthday is September 30, 2011. She is just over a month old. My heart's cry to the Lord was for us to be able to bring home an 18 month-2 year old girl because I have loved that stage with all of my children and I couldn't bare the thought of missing that with her, but was also incredibly open to what God knew would be best for us. It gives me such delight knowing God has heard my heart of hearts and I will hopefully be bringing Nora home when she is between the ages of 1 and 2. An answered prayer for sure.

Nora has an older sister who is also at the orphanage. Her name is Giselle and she is quite the beauty herself. I have been privileged enough over the last several months to be in contact with her amazing adoptive mama, Denise, who lives with her husband, son, and daughter in Canada. I am beyond excited for our families to be forever connected now by the bond we will surely keep for these sisters to know each other and be involved in each others' lives. Denise has been praying for our Nora since the beginning (and I for Giselle) so I am truly blessed an honored to have her an extended part of our family now. I even think Micah was holding Giselle down at ROH when he was there--who knew he was holding the sister of our own little girl when these first thoughts of adoption were being born...only God can do that!

As far as what is next, well, for today, I am simply basking in the beauty of my little girl. All else will be known soon enough. I'm not sure if you can hear me where you are or not, but I wouldn't doubt it if you are--I'm praising God loudly from the mountain tops today! : )

Do you remember my last post...the one with the empty picture frame...well, I'm printing these photos just as soon as I can and proudly filling it with our daughter. He can do ANYTHING in 3 days, can't He!!!!

Thank you for your prayers and support thus far in the process. We have a long way to go, but today is a HUGE day and we wanted to celebrate it with you all!

Micah, Angie, Lily, Tobias, and Quinn Thieszen


  1. Angie that is fantastic news! Woohoo! I am so happy for you guys. His timing is so perfect! Natalie

  2. how exciting and congrats!!! she is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  3. Oh my gracious, she is stunning! Those eyes!

    So excited for what God is doing through your family!!

  4. Very blessed by your story, Angie! Congratulations!

  5. I was wondering what that screaming sound was that I was hearing all the way over here in Canada ;) So happy that you have found your Nora, and that Nora has found such a loving family. Looking forward to following your adoption journey and to watching Nora grow up as our families are forever linked by our beautiful little girls. {hugs!}

  6. PS - the nannie holding her is so sweet. I have photos of her playing with the children... she truly seems to love them, and her job of caring for the children at ROH. Such a blessing as good nannies are hard to find!

  7. I am so, so, so, very thrilled for you all, Angie. Wow. Just wow. He truly is always faithful and I am so excited for the day when you will hold your new little girl in your arms.

    Bless you for your HUGE heart and willingness to answer the call!