Monday, November 14, 2011

The Tickets are Purchased!

With super excited hearts we get to fly to Haiti early next month!!!! It is a trip we were not expecting, but is highly encouraged for us to take to prove later on in our meetings with the Dean that we have established a relationship with Nora beyond that trip in the middle of our process. This means I will probably be making that second trip alone so we can save the money on the extra trip, but maybe between now and then I'll find someone who would want to go with me then. However, for this trip, Micah and I are really excited about sharing it together--we will celebrate our 9th anniversary at the end of this month, so it will be a little bit of a late anniversary gift for us. We will have 4 days with our little Nora, so get ready for more gorgeous pictures of her...only we'll be in them too this time! : ) Here's one I took the other night--this is what sits on our TV stand. I can't wait for the kiddos in these two pictures to be in the same one!

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