Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crawling Along

For once my "Crawling Along" title does not refer to our adoption process.  It refers to this sweet little face...

Yep, you heard it...Nora is officially now a CRAWLER!!!!  We heard earlier this week she was on the brink, but just last night got word from a friend who stopped in to see her yesterday that she finally has done it.  She found a crayon she wanted and went for it!  She didn't get the crayon, but she did get crawling.  Yeah!!!!

This is a huge developmental milestone and we are so excited to see her accomplish this at a reasonable age--many of these children come to the orphanage at older ages, malnourished and developmentally behind.  There are a few things she is slightly behind in, but for the most part, Nora is right on schedule due mainly to the care she has received at the orphanage.  We are blessed to know that even though we would obviously rather her be crawling in our own home, she is at least crawling somewhere and not being confined to a pack-n-play as many orphanage children are.  We are SUPER excited at the possibility of WATCHING Nora crawl on Wednesday late afternoon!  Yep, watching!  We will have our first chance to Skype with one of the girls from Canada helping at the orphanage this month.  I can't even begin to describe how excited I am for this!  We have not seen our little girl move at all since a video of her from our church group clear back in February.  Photos are wonderful, but to see her in action and have her get the chance to see us will be a-mazing!!!

We were also blessed to know and see photos of a brief visit Nora had with one of her grandpa's recently.  Micah's dad, Erland, made another mission trip down to Haiti in mid-July.  He was able to love on Nora for about 15 minutes.  This is Erland's second time of laying eyes on his granddaughter.  Again...feeling blessed to know she has met more family than just her mom and dad.  Here are some photos of his moments with her.

In other news, Nora's half-sister, Giselle, has been picked up by her forever family this week!  Denise and Darren are still in Haiti "vacationing" with her for a few days before the long flights home to Canada.  Denise supposedly took some fun photos of the sisters in matching dresses before they left the orphanage so I will be anxious to get those when they get home.  It is a wonderful reminder that these little blessings DO come home!  Congratulations Naus family on your new addition!!!!

Denise and Darren with Giselle and Adrienne (Giselle & Nora's birth mom)

Speaking of going to Haiti...we are still waiting the next email letting us know Nora's name has been printed in the Montieur.  Once that is printed (usually takes anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months), I will be in touch with the US Embassy in Haiti to set up our appointment.  When we get that appointment date, Lily, myself, and one yet to be determined person will be heading down to spend some time with Nora and watch her crawl around the floor with our very own eyes.  *Have I expressed how frustrating it is to try to plan a trip to Haiti when you don't exactly know when you are going or who you are going with?  Oye!*   It will all come together--perhaps in just a few short weeks or perhaps a few short months.  Praying for the former option...I can't wait to get my arms around my little one...

Nora with one of her nannies

Look at that adorable, crazy hair!

The kiddos at the orphanage...so precious!


  1. she is such a doll. can't get over those big brown eyes!!!1

  2. Hey Ang, had a chance to catch up a bit. That is so cool that Grandpa got to see her. I didn't know this! I also can't get over how cute she is. Glad to hear Giselle is home now. Is the mom just ok with all this? I can't imagine that. I love that Nora and Giselle will always stay in touch as sisters. Keep praying, as we do.