Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Call To Prayer for the Children of Haiti

I came across these two videos put out by Nightline on ABC. Part 1 is 10 minutes long and Part 2 is 8 minutes long. It is worth the 18 minutes for all of us to be aware of what is really happening in Haiti and why it is so important to be praying for its children. I found myself crying and praying a prayer of thanksgiving for Nora's birth parents. I was thanking God for giving Adrienne and Joseph hearts that would place their children in the care of Rivers of Hope and ultimately into our arms so we can give them the love, family, nurture, education, and life they deserve instead of the poverty, abuse, and horrific conditions of the restaveks (child slaves in Haiti). It also compelled me to be praying for all the other children out there--in Haiti and beyond--who need to be rescued.

The song "God of this City" came to my mind at the end as a reminder that God is bigger than this wrongful devastation and can do something greater yet in the way Haitian adoptions work in order to get more children into proper homes in secure and legal ways. To Him be the glory as we continue this adoption of Nora and save at least one little girl from what could have been her destiny.

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