Tuesday, March 27, 2012

6 Months Old

Happy 1/2 Year Birthday, Nora!!!

Nora turns 6 months old this Friday. I thought it would be fun to compare this little pumpkin's latest pictures we received with photos of our other children at this age. I think she fits right in...okay, maybe a little darker skin (especially than Toby) and definitely more hair, but as cute as cute can be! : )

Here they all are sitting up great...





Having tummy time...

Lily with tummy time

Toby with tummy time

Quinn with tummy time

Nora with tummy time

I even found some old videos of Lily and Toby at 6 months old doing some of the same things supposedly Nora is doing...babbling and being up on her belly. These videos prove we have come a long way with technology, but they are cute nonetheless! Can't wait till I get my next video of Nora--probably won't be till this summer, but it is still anxiously awaited! : )


  1. This was a fun post, Angie. Great idea!

  2. It's comforting to see that she seems to be right on target for where she should be :)