Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Courageous Father

Rachel. When I see that name come across my email inbox my heart flutters and I get excited and nervous all at the same time. You see, Rachel is the name of our orphanage director in Haiti and I never know what news she'll give when an email comes. Will it be news that Nora is found? Will it be a picture? Will it be news that the meeting still didn't happen? Today, it was news that left me with mixed emotions.

The mother DID come to the meeting yesterday, but instead of bringing her 30 month old daughter with her, she brought news that the father decided he did not want to put his daughter up for adoption and never see her again. So, with that email, we know this little brown-faced sweety was not our Nora. Rachel said in the email she was glad this happened now instead of a ways into the process and I couldn't agree with her more. I'd rather have my heart not be attached at all really than to be attached and then ripped apart later.

I won't lie, the news was incredibly disappointing because we were really wanting this to be our match and for our process to continue to move forward. It seemed the timing was so "right". We have our paperwork in Haiti. We have enough money for the first payment. We were fine with the age of the little girl. But, alas, our timing is not the Lord's, and we trust Him enough to know what, or in this case who, is best for us. That disappointment in my heart, however, was also matched with a profound respect and praise this father stood up for this little girl and chose to keep that family bond intact. How can I be frustrated when a father chose his daughter?

Last weekend we got the privilege of seeing the new movie in theaters, "Courageous". It is a story about fatherhood and even parenthood really. It's a story about God moving in the hearts of those who don't want to go about raising their kids haphazardly. It's a story of men choosing to stand up and "be a man", be the husband, be the father God has called them to be. I left the theater not only inspired for our own family, but also inspired to see this kind of love in fathers and/or parents spread all over. I even prayed whole-heartedly for this concept to take the world by storm. So, here I sit a week later seeing a father in Haiti say "I WILL" take care of my daughter and keep my relationship in tact with her. A week later, I see God answering my prayers for this courageous concept to actually take the world by storm. Who knew He would answer that prayer so closely to my heart! So, instead of being frustrated that our match didn't happen, I will choose to celebrate and BLESS that father for the decision he made yesterday...a decision his daughter will later find out was probably the most courageous one her daddy ever made.

My prayer now is this: Lord, will You strengthen this father/daughter bond beyond what they ever thought possible and may Your love be what binds it together. Provide for this family as they undoubtedly will face more financial poverty issues because of this decision and keep them all healthy from the inside out. Amen. Oh, and P.S. God, will you please reveal our little Nora to us soon--we really want to see her face, know her story, and bring her home as soon as we can. Your timing is perfect, your matches are perfect, and we are trusting in You!

P.S. to you blog readers: I encourage you to go support the efforts of those who put the "Courageous" movie together by trekking to the theater and watching it there. It truly is a God-given movie and one that could change everything in this world.


  1. So beautiful... We had a potential match with a birth mom fall through after her baby was born. Although I was devastated, I knew God would bring the right little girl into our family - and He did! I can't imagine life without her, but I still wonder about that first little girl sometimes. I felt challenged by God that it is my role to pray for her and her family when she is brought to my mind. I imagine that perhaps in Heaven I will see that my prayers allowed God to move in this little girl and her mother's life. Hopefully you know who Nora is very soon!