Sunday, November 3, 2013

She's Coming Home!

In all the hub-bub of the moment and then the busyness of the past few days, I finally realized I never officially announced our great news here-ahh!  I'm so sorry to those of you who follow this blog but are not on facebook where I find it much easier to announce short blurbs like this one...

We got our visa appointment date for November 5th at 9 a.m. and the following week we are bringing her home!!!


Yes, our flights are booked and, Lord willing, we will be introducing Toby and Quinn and reuniting Lily with Nora on November 14th.  We are obviously beyond excited for this transition to finally be happening and covet your prayers as we finish up with the paperwork end of this adoption.  Nora's visa appointment still needs to go well on November 5th, which we have no reason to believe it won't, then we need to get the actual visa papers and our IBESR exit letter before we will be allowed to leave the country with Nora in our arms.  Please be praying for each of those steps to go through with no issues so we will be on time for bring Nora home.

Because our fights are getting in late and we want her siblings to meet her in the quite moments of an  less overwhelming/overstimulating atmosphere, we are forgoing the "airport party" that many have come to expect at the ending of the an adoption process.  Instead, our small group from church has offered to host a Meet and Greet party on Saturday, November 16th from 2-4 p.m.  All are welcome to come and help us celebrate the 2 year and 4 month process coming to an end and the lifelong process of raising Nora beginning.

We have no doubt this event will be somewhat overwhelming to Nora so, as a family, we will be sticking to the 2-4 p.m. time frame strictly. We may also have Nora held by Micah or myself at all times during the party depending on her needs. Please know that as much as you have all been dying to give her hugs and kisses and perhaps hold her, she will most likely need more time in transition before these types of greetings are comfortable for her. We humbly ask for you to respect her space and our knowledge of when she may be getting too overwhelmed. We love you all and desire for you to join us this day, but ultimately still need to put Nora's needs above anything else. If you want to extend hugs to Nora through us, we will be more than happy to give those to her for you!

We would also love to have you bring (or send if you can't make the party) notes or cards of welcome or stories of how much Nora has touched peoples' lives already or how you have prayed for her. I will be collecting these treasures for Nora to read throughout her life.

Some have asked us what we "need" for Nora. Honestly, we are pretty set on clothes and toys and such since she is not our first child. If you are desiring to still give, gift cards to stores such as Walmart would be most helpful to pay for items she will continually need such as diapers, hair products, wipes, etc, but please do not feel obligated in any way. Having her HOME is gift enough!

We do hope to see many of you there! We look forward to celebrating our long adoption "paperwork journey" being completed and the adoption "family life journey" beginning with each of you! You have each been such a valuable and treasured part of this process.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post at some point to what we hope/expect/desire our lives to look like once our sweet one is home.  As always, thank you all for your continued support and prayers!  So very soon this beauty will be coming home!

P.S. The busyness of the last few days has consisted of parent/teacher conferences, Noah's Ark Carnival for "trick or treat", our son, Toby's, annual cardiology appointment/check up, and our other son, Quinn's, 4th birthday party. Busy, busy, busy.  I was glad to have today to gather myself before heading into a week of more appointments and packing!

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  1. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to see photos of Nora home with her new family! :-)