Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Rawness of Life

This post probably won't be anything that sounds "nice" or "put together"...it will simply be raw.

If you remember back a few posts, I talked about how cancer can bring life (read it here if you haven't had the chance)...well, cancer also sucks.

(Maddie at this past Christmas)

My beautiful 8 year old niece, Madison, whom is talked about in that post has been in remission from her victory over cancer since 2008. She was 2 1/2 years old when she was originally diagnosed. Well, as of last night, they discovered her cancer is back. Cancer sucks.

She had been fighting a cold and when the antibiotics weren't cutting it, my sister (Amy) and her husband (Dan) took Maddie back in to see what else to do. While there, the doctor felt some lumps in Maddie's neck and immediately sent them on to Grand Rapids Children's Hospital for further testing...the suspicion at the time was that the cancer was back. That was horrifically confirmed later last evening. They are still waiting to hear results from the tests to see if this is the same type of Lymphoma she had earlier (T Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma) or if this is a different form. They are also waiting to hear what the treatment plan will be this round. They have been told it will probably be much of the same as last time--steroids, chemos, and potential surgeries. Cancer sucks.

(Maddie, last evening at the hospital)

Maddie, however, is amazing. She has fought this battle before and won victoriously. She is older now and has a much better awareness of what is going on (which is both good and bad probably). I have no doubt she will fight once again and be victorious. She faithfully trusts in God and that faith will see her though many hard days ahead...unless...God would answer the prayers of His people and heal her completely right now and spare her the experience she shouldn't have to go through again. The experience she shouldn't have ever had to go through in the first place at 2 1/2 years old.

Please pray for Maddie. Please pray for her body to be miraculously healed by the Almighty Healer. Please pray for peace and rest and strength for both Maddie and Amy and Dan as they try to make decisions for her best care, handle all the roller coaster of emotions this journey brings, as well as also care for their other daughter, Sydney, who is age 2. Pray for their own faiths to be bolstered with the love, support, and prayers of their friends, family, and strangers alike. Pray for God to break through all of our hurt, questions, anger, and sadness and bring the strength, joy, and peace only He can bring.

(Amy & Dan at this past Christmas)

Please also pray for us as her family. Pray for wisdom to know how to best support her and love on her during the hard days. Micah and I were a bit more "removed" from her last round of cancer because they were out in St. Louis and then in Cincinnati for that time frame. We also were just a month out from birthing Lily so we had to somewhat emotionally disconnect ourselves from what all was happening in order to finish our pregnancy okay and welcome our first newborn into our midst. It was very hard to do that last time and we certainly wished we could have been a better support, but this time we hopefully can. This time around we are just a few hours from them and our lives are intricately connected as our kids (especially Lily) consider Maddie not only their cousin, but also their best friend. We are all still in shock from the news and just wish this was a nightmare we could all wake up from. A child is NOT supposed to get cancer....a child is certainly NOT supposed to get cancer twice.

(All the cousins together at this Christmas--
Tobias, Maddie, Sydney, Lily, & Quinn)

Life is tough. A fallen world is our current home. A God too BIG for us to understand is over it all and we have to trust in Him to come to Maddie's aid when that fallen world--that tough life--hits way too close to home. Will you rise up today and pray on behalf of an innocent, sweet, brave, and victorious 8 year old girl? I hope your answer is yes, because you know what? Cancer sucks...and we serve a God who can beat it.

Please follow Maddie's journey on their care page at the hospital. You will be able to get the most current information, specific prayer requests, updated photos, and background there. The link is: http://www.carepages.com/carepages/MadisonPflug

Thank you for praying.

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  1. I'm so very sorry to hear about this Angie. It breaks my heart. We will definitely be praying for Maddie and believe God to heal her!